About Our Chickens

Our chickens are locally reared in natural conditions and to the highest welfare standards, in line with the highest level of European Food Safety and totally Farm Assured, meeting all the British Farm Standards in line with the Red Tractor logo. All chickens are from RSPCA approved farms whos standards are based on the Five Freedoms. Freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury or disease, freedom to express normal behaviour, freedom from fear and distress.

The chickens are fed on a balanced diet formulated from locally sourced corn, soyabean and other natural ingredients, free of antibiotics and animal by-products. The rearing cycle of our chickens is monitored by the RSPCA freedom foods to ensure the highest welfare friendly standards, resulting in a healthier, stress free life for our chickens and a more tasty and succulent chicken for our customers.

Cooking Times Guide

Whole Bird: Oven Roast
Pre heat oven Gas mark 4,180C 350F
20 mins per 450g/lb + 20 mins internal temp approx 70C

Remember to allow the bird to rest for at least 10 minutes before carving.

Free Range Eggs

Our free range eggs are locally produced on a farm where hens are totally free to roam over the pasture during daylight hours. Inside the hen houses there is a large litter area where the birds can scratch and dust bathe. The nest boxes have been specially developed to give the birds the quiet and security they need to lay their eggs, as well as ensuring the eggs are clean and can be quickly collected.

The hens are fed on a mixture of wheat, barley and soya. The feed also includes all the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure they are kept healthy during their egg laying life. All the free range hens are vaccinated against salmonella in line with the Lion Code of quality assurance.

The eggs that we sell hold a quality assurance of being hand selected for quality, packaged and then delivered within two to three days of being laid to ensure that you can enjoy that farm fresh taste.

Traditional Farm Fresh Turkeys

Our turkeys are rich in good old- fashioned flavour whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of welfare and animal husbandry in the rearing,feeding,housing and processing.All our turkeys have access to unrestricted fresh air and natural day light,they have ample space to roam and deep straw beds.They are fed on a wholesome cereal based ration produced at a local mill.

The turkeys are carefully selected traditional slow growing breeds which are grown to maturity,this ensures a dense meat and natural fat marbling which results in a succulent texture when cooked.It is this maturity combined with the dry plucking and hanging for 7 days that combine to give you a special Christmas dinner that is moist,tender and full of flavour.

A slow growing breed for fine meat texture.

Grown to full maturity to give flavour.

Dry plucked and hung to give tenderness.

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